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Are you a Solar Orphan?

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Are you a Solar Orphan? Is the company that installed your solar system still in operation or have they shut down? Just like the roof insulation boom, every man and his dog jumped onboard to try ad make a dollar. The same thing happened with the Solar Industry in Australia. I remember two old fellas resigning to start a solar business 10 years ago because it was the next big thing. Over the years I have heard of many companies shutting up shop. The industry has skyrocketed to the bottom where retailers are settling on doing installations for record breaking prices to remain competitive. No wonder these companies are dying. But where does that leave the customer? High and dry? Not at all. We are here for you! If you have a system that needs upgrading, repairing or your just not sure whether it is working correctly, we can help! You may even be surprised that your warranties may still be valid and you won’t need to pay for the labour component of your repair or replacement.


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