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Sonnen Battery



Sonnen Battery


Free electricity has been around for longer than we know! But we have only recently learnt how to use it. A customer of ours emailed us the other day to enquire about battery storage. They simply said, “I’d like to book an appointment. After I spoke to a German lady down south, she was amazed that we didn’t utilise solar power more and got me thinking. I have solar panels, but want to bypass the government’s use of coal as much as possible. So its time for battery storage. Its an environmental investment! Just think about the sun and all the potential power it has been producing ever since…..forever that we have wasted by not harnessing for use with solar panels. Coal and gas will always be in limited supply. Just think about how many billions of dollars goes into finding and extracting oil and the environmental and social impact it has on life here in Australia. Take a look at the fires currently blazing our country? Climate change is upon us!

Firstly you can harness a free electricity from the sun.

Secondly you can store that free electricity in a battery and have backup power when the grid is down. This technology is expensive but it is so worth it.

The grid is experiencing high fluctuations in voltages due to the amount of solar that is connected to it. Inverters trip out if the grid voltage gets too high. But… if those who already had a solar system installed a battery, then all that solar power that is being exported to the grid would go into charging the battery.

Thirdly, there are so many inexpensive ways to be completely grid free. Getting connected to the grid in rural areas can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Getting a self sustaining off grid solar system with battery storage may be cheaper and then you never have to pay for that power again.

We need people to start thinking differently about there power, not just the amount of money it will save them.

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