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Have you had a close look at what LG has to offer in today’s solar industry? Their superior construction makes them one of the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing panels on the market with there black panel and frame construction. They have some of the highest power outputs for a standard size panel and not to mention the 25 year warranty! Now let’s focus on this important characteristic which goes far beyond its competitors 10 year warranty. LG Australia’s 25 year product warranty includes replacement labour and transport. Please don’t get confused between a product warranty and a performance warranty. Most panels come with a linear performance warranty of 25 years, which means that in 25 years the panels are guaranteed to be able to produce a certain percentage output compared to when it was manufactured. LG has been able to get its efficiency up to 89.6% off initial output after 25 years compared to competitors which are around 80%.

You can be sure to have confidence with LG’s as they are a multinational company with many revenue streams and the longevity to back-up their long-standing warranty. Another great feature of the LG warranty is it is transferable. If you decide to sell your house, the warranty is easily transferred to the new owner.

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