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Battery storage systems are becoming more popular in 2020. The technology is brilliant and the prices are becoming affordable especially here in Perth.

MaxSolar have been installing many Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery’s with backup gateways in Perth recently. It seems more and more people have been choosing to take the plunge into battery storage. But there are some things that need to be taken into consideration. The benefits of installing a Tesla is that they can be added to any existing solar system and when the grid is not available they also allow your solar inverter to keep producing power. In my opinion these are the best batteries on the market.

They have a large storage capacity of 13.5kW and a full 5kW charge and discharge rate. Which means it could potentially only take just over a few hours to charge. The major benefit of the Tesla Backup Gateway is your average single phase house can be fully backed up with a maximum 5kW of power output during a blackout. The great thing about this is your solar inverter will still keep running your home and charging the battery giving you offgrid capabilities. Customers are able to take control and measure their usage via the Tesla app.

Some things to consider is the location of these items. The new battery standards and Tesla requirements make installing these items a little tricky.

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