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The Benefits of Wifi Monitoring

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Most newer inverters are capable of being connected to your home internet router. You may think why would you bother? Well, lets look at the advantages of Perth customers being able to monitor your solar system.  You probably paid thousands of dollars to invest in solar, wouldn’t you want to make sure it is doing its job every day of the year? Most people don’t even realise that there is a problem with there inverter until they open there next power bill and see the price has gone up $200-$300 dollars. I am writing this article to help avoid this problem for you.

We as a solar company offer to set up your inverter to its corresponding Wifi monitoring system, although it costs you extra upfront, it will save you in the long run. Take the Fronius Inverter for instance. Our Perth customers get instant emails of faults and reports to there email and can call us immediately and we can help them out. Also it is very useful to see how you are tracking over the month and allows you to see whether you are producing enough solar at any one time o offset your house’s usage. We have had many customers ask us to come to site to see if there is a problem with their inverter (usually because the company who has installed it has gone bust). Sometimes there is nothing wrong and the inverter has just tripped out as a precautionary method of protecting itself when the grid experiences overvoltage.

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