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The Importance of Maintaining your Solar System

Solar Panel Systems

We all want the peace of mind when purchasing a Solar System that it is going to work and that you can just leave it there and let it do it’s thing. You may have decided to buy a premium inverter with the mindset, “this is not going to break” but one day it does and you didn’t even know until the hairs on the back of your neck raised up when you received your electricity bill. Whether products are cheap or expensive, the reality is they do malfunction from time to time. Let’s assume you own a car. It doesn’t matter whether it is a cheap car or a brand new, it requires servicing to ensure it keeps on running. Everyone knows that! So how often do you look at your inverter? Would you even know if it wasn’t working? How much money would you have lost if you went on by for months on end and your solar system wasn’t even producing power? Don’t know? Most things in life need to be kept in check. So why not your solar system?

If you have had a solar system installed within the last 10 years chances are the company who installed the system either doesn’t exist anymore or has never done a routine maintenance check. You may have just bought a house that has a solar system and you wouldn’t even know how it works or if it works. Can you see where we are going here? You need to make sure your investment, that’s purpose is to save you money, are actually saving you money. Recently we did a job for a customer who mentioned they bought there house a year ago and their inverter has never worked! They are on the 47c feed in tariff and aren’t even producing electricity. We installed a new inverter for a total cost of $600. If they had installed it when they bought the house it would have paid itself off in that year and some.

Saving money is not the only reason you need to maintain your solar system. Safety is an important factor. There is a history of rooftop fires starting due to malfunctioning DC isolators which could cause thousands of dollars in damages and also a potential threat to your family. Now do you see the important of maintaining your solar system?

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